CONTROL OUR DESTINY - It is human nature to protect and keep our family’s best interests at heart. The Woodlands is a cohesive gathering of families with common interests in quality of life, opportunity, recreation, and education, all in a safe haven surrounded by natural amenities. However, county officials, developers, and special interests have allowed political and economic factions to prevail over the quality of life promised to Woodlands families, seniors and The Woodlands’ future young citizens. The time has come to establish a community where residents make the rules, initiate needed projects, and control their own destiny.

PLAN FUTURE GOVERNANCE – Residents’ Advocates on The Woodlands
Township Board of Directors intend to escalate due diligence to prepare the community for a vote on incorporation. We cannot procrastinate any longer to become a great Texas City. I will join proponents of incorporation as your Director at Position 3. The key benefits of incorporation are multifold in a municipality that allows self-governance. The new city would have the right to prohibit extensions of our roads and could remove plans for major new thoroughfares through our community. School districts remain the same, so no impact on schools.

MAXIMIZE PUBLIC SAFETY & FACILITIES - We should continue to support community policing and work with both the constable and sheriffs department to monitor and continuously improve our crime statistics throughout our Township. Continue to assess our Township brick and mortar assets and offer ways to improve spend and provide solutions on how to better utilize them for public usage. I would best serve the new city administration as a confirmed expert in facilities management.

SUPPORT QUALITY OF LIFE – Currently The Woodlands seems to be enmeshed in a struggle to preserve its founding principles and quality of life. We have little power outside the ballot box to avoid the self-serving efforts by outsiders and officials who appeal to county voters, cronies, and developers. Executives who are headquartered in places like Dallas and Atlanta are making decisions that affect our future. Incorporation will stop intrusions by those who would be content to leave behind glass and cement where trees once flourished.

HONOR FAMILY VALUES - We know how we want to live. We foster the hometown spirit and hometown activities for children, families, and busy men and women who want to come home from their workplace without dodging construction barricades and fighting traffic jams. We want to encourage building even more churches and playgrounds that do not require more debt from high-interest bond issues imposed upon our assessments and tax rolls by bureaucrats who choose not to live here. We will restore the original credo of a master-planned community that we know as The Woodlands, which remains a great place to live, play, work, and visit.

Early Voting begins October 29 thru November 2 / Election Day, Tuesday, November 6.



Let's Make History

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“Brown Delivers” is the credo that John Anthony Brown brings to a community on the verge of an evolutionary new chapter in its history. Brown says, “Let’s make history.” Let’s control our destiny with the renewed vitality of a leader experienced in planning and managing effectively. Brown is a leader who has affirmed that he will serve as a Residents’ Advocate© and will join in the movement to efficiently solve the problems of today, always with a sharp eye towards The Woodlands self-governance as a peaceful, prosperous, master-planned hometown for families, seniors, younger generations, and commerce.