2017- Voted to keep taxes low, while still improving and adding high level amenities for our residents.

2017 - Supported the first annual Cultural Arts and Heritage festival. http://www.thewoodlandsartscouncil.org/ancestree

2017- Supported Residents cause for "No more flooding" in the Village of Creekside Park

2017 - Fighting the constant water increases and holding our MUD districts accountable.

2017 - Supported Diversity Proclamation

2017 - Supported the purchase of the new recreation center at Rob Flemming Park.

2017 - Showed up to  support our neighbors in the fight to save Jones State forest from being developed by Texas A&M http://www.savejonesstateforest.com


Woodlands prep


We are fighting for the heart of The Woodlands. Yes, we all plead, don’t clear cut our trees. Please, we say, do not add traffic to Woodlands Parkway. Yes, we resent the intrusions of county commissioners and special interests trying to commandeer our streets and dipping into our tax dollars. Yes, we wonder about these tangibles but this election goes even beyond all that. There are people running to control the Township for special interests. You can scroll down the list of Township candidates and mark the straw man or woman for the developer, for the EDP, for the banks, for the lawyers, for outside developers, for our intrusive County Commissioners, and their friend on the board, Mike Bass; the sweet talker who tells you one thing and then votes another way during board meetings like supporting extension of Woodlands Parkway. We are in a race, and the one who wins owns The Woodlands for the next 40 years.
The fiefdom perpetrators are in panic mode because their worst fear is emerging like a hurricane. Those eight villages could choose self-governance and merge to become a city in the foreseeable future, with a citizen-led government controlling its own destiny, and with a solidity not seen since the Roman Legions. The feudal lords and their knaves don’t want to be hamstrung by city ordinances that will control their developments, stop construction of roads through our city, and demand one-hundred percent of the county services that we currently overpay. The residents of The Woodlands are fighting for the heart of The Woodlands. We need to fight, through our votes and by supporting our like-minded candidates who support residents. It is finally time to fight back, as we did in defeating the extension of Woodlands Parkway with 83 percent of the vote. They are not giving up easily. Bringing in rowdies from Las Vegas, screaming about bogus 70% taxes, spending big money on ads, direct mail, and who knows what else they have up their sleeve before Election Day. We see different faces on their candidates this year, but they come with the same preservation tactics on their mind. They are not interested in preservation of our trees, roads, and quality of life. Most of them arrive with their strings firmly attached and pulled by the same old master profiteers and organizations.

Do you think The Woodlands is going in the right direction by becoming a concrete jungle with highways named Gosling, Branch Crossing, and Woodlands Parkway crisscrossing our community? Do you want to make history? Then vote for each of the independent Residents’ Advocate candidates who will bring you the opportunity to decide how and when we will institute self-governance as an independent city. While they are studying the future, they will watch your taxes, Township services, and vote for your quality of life today and tomorrow. Vote for the only candidates who agree with your position – Bunch, Boniface, Brown, Rieser. But, most of all, vote with your heart for our hometown, The Woodlands.

Paul Lazzaro

For Release, Monday, October 10

THE WOODLANDS, TX, October 10, 2016 – Montgomery and North Harris County’s Texas Patriots PAC Tea Party organization has announced their selections for The Woodlands Township Board of Directors for the 2017-18 terms of office. The PAC has endorsed or recommended all four of the candidates running their campaigns with the Residents’ Advocate seal of approval.

GORDY BUNCH is endorsed as he asks voters to re-elect him to Position 1. Bunch is the Secretary of the Township Board and also serves as Chairman of The Woodlands Convention and Visitors Bureau. Gordy led the fight against extending Woodlands Parkway, was instrumental in cutting Township taxes for four consecutive years, and reduced public debt by $14.5 million resulting in a savings of $5 million in interest to taxpayers. In 2015, Bunch was selected as Entrepreneur of the Year for Products and Services in the Gulf Coast area. Gordy and Michelle Bunch have been Woodlands residents since 1995 and now have three young sons in school here.

BRIAN BONIFACE is recommended to replace incumbent director, Mike Bass, at Position 2. He earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 1998 and is a life member of the National Eagle Scout Association. He graduated from Worcester State University in 2003 with a B.S. in Health Sciences. Brian honored his family’s military heritage by joining the Texas Army National Guard and served for six years. Brian’s interest in medicine and human science was realized when he went to Lone Star College for advanced education that now enables him to work as an IMU nurse at Kingwood Medical Center and the Montgomery County Mental Health Treatment Facility. He and his wife, Nicole, are raising two young daughters in the village of Cochrans Crossing. He supports eventual incorporation and is focused on mobility issues in The Woodlands.

JOHN ANTHONY BROWN is Facilities Supervisor for Huntsman International in The Woodlands. He is recommended by the PAC for Township Director at Position 3. He graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Philadelphia and will soon complete advanced studies and graduate from BYU-Idaho. He has served on the Alden Bridge Village Association board for five years where he was a nominee for Volunteer of the Year in 2015. As a specialist in facility management he believes his special skills will greatly benefit our community, which has extensive facilities and features. He intends to be a “voice that matters and a voice that cares.” He and his wife, Bonnie, have an eight-year-old daughter named Madison, and a 23-year old stepson, Ryan.

BRUCE RIESER is a senior international executive who has been endorsed for Township Director at Position 4. Bruce and his wife, Sarah, are 27 year-residents of The Woodlands where they raised their daughter, Katelin. Bruce has worked around the world as an executive for British Airways specializing in customer service, properties, and airport relations. He retired but maintains an active role in the industry through his consulting work on the current $1.6B IAH international terminal expansion. He says The Woodlands is at a crossroads that will require a leader experienced in transportation, environmental issues, real estate assets and management of complex daily functions.

Texas Patriots PAC states that its mission is to educate and organize citizens regarding public policy and founding principles, and to support the election of local, state, and national candidates who share their core values.

The Residents’ Advocate seal of resident approval cannot be purchased by any individual. It is earned by a public servant in the performance of official duties, or by a candidate who has committed that their actions on community boards will reflect the best interests of residents. Residents’ Advocates evaluate and pass or reject proposals because of their perceived impact on The Woodlands residents’ quality of life and preservation of their tax dollars.Type your paragraph here.

Montgomery County Eagle Forums

TO:  Fellow Conservatives in Montgomery Co. 

RE:  My Personal Recommendations for the November 8 General Election & Non-Partisan Local Elections are below. 

FROM:  Betty Anderson (Christian first; conservative activist second; Republican third) 

      Please be aware that the Montgomery Co. Republican Party does NOT endorse candidates.  But I have attended forums, studied the candidates' answers to questionnaires, interviewed candidates, met and spoken to most of them personally.  I've also watched voting records, reviewed conservative scorecards and studied other endorsements.  Some races are difficult decisions while others are very obvious.  If you've done your research and have made your decisions, I want to thank you for all your hard work.  On the other hand, if you haven't made up your mind on some of the races, you may want to consider reviewing my personal recommendations.

      By the way, don't be confused by brochures & robo calls sent by “Montgomery Co. GOP PAC,” or “Texas Conservative Tea Party Coalition.”  And here’s a couple of new ones:  “The Woolands Concerned Taxpayers” & “Viking Conservatives!”  LOL!   These are NOT official Republican Party organizations nor tea parties and they’re certainly not part of a grassroots movement.  It's mostly paid, political consultants or establishment special interests $$ making deceptive endorsements $$ in order to fool low info voters. They will often endorse some conservative candidates, while also endorsing their own, sometimes less conservative clients.  ---Be careful. 

Position No. 1

Gordy Bunch

Position No. 2

Brian Boniface

Position No. 3

John Anthony Brown

Position No. 4

Bruce Rieser